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Pocono Soil & Environmental Consulting, Inc. (PS&EC) is a premier consulting firm head quartered in the Pocono mountains region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. PS&EC provides professional environmental consulting services in the fields of soil science, biological science and select biological specialties. Our company was organized to provide the necessary professional, and technical consulting services required by clientele responding to an ever-changing world of environmental regulations. Pocono Soil & Environmental Consulting, Inc.is committed to providing clients with professional quality service, as projects are carefully guided through the regulatory process.

Pocono Soil & Environmental Consulting, Inc.specializes in providing professional consulting services in the fields of soil science, agronomy, wetland delineation, land use planning, on-lot sewage system design, GIS, and waste management. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, PS&EC provides effective and accurate services designed specifically to meet the needs of the development community. PS&EC's professional competence aids clients in solving technical problems in changing rural lands to other purposes where regulated activities are critical to a successful result.

Pocono Soil & Environmental Consulting, Inc. serves individual homeowners, commercial interests, small and large development companies and others requiring professional, and technical expertise to obtain regulatory approval for use, improvement or development of land.

Typical Services Provided by Pocono Soil & Environmental Consulting, Inc.:

Soil morphilogical, hydrogeological and wastewater evaluations for siting individual & community wastewater disposal systems.

Soils investigation and evaluation as per Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) requirements for sighting conventional, alternative and experimental on-lot sewage disposal systems.

On-lot sewage system design and permitting

Septic System evaluations

Preliminary and Detailed soil investigations for new land development planning. Act 537 planning modules.

Hydroconductivity, Permeability, and Soils Infiltration Testing forlarge volume land-based sewage disposal.

Evaluation and determination of optimal loading and application rates for spray irrigation wastewater recharge/disposal system.

Hydrogeological studies as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).

Wetland Deliniations as per US Army Corps of Engineers three (#) phase approach.

Specialized Testing Services Provided by Pocono Soil & Environmental Consulting, Inc.:

Soils Testing and Soils Analysis

Soils Mapping

Soil Morphological Analysis

Permeability Testing

Infiltration Testing

Hydrolic Conductivity Testing

Land-Based Wastewater Disposal Assessments